About Bridges Academy

Bridges Academy at Melrose is a small school in East Oakland committed to exiting students that are prepared to face the formidable academic and social challenges which they will encounter as they enter and complete middle and high school.  Our students learn to build bridges to their dreams.  They become scholars, questioners, creators, and artists.  We believe that families and teachers must work together.  We offer the best of a standards-based, rich, and interesting school program in a caring atmosphere where children's best is celebrated!

Our Vision:
Our students are scholars.
Our Students are resilient.
Our students are culturally competent.

OUR STUDENTS develop both academic language and skills that enable them to become deep, critical thinkers and problem solvers. Our students are scholars who are treasured and unique members of a diverse community.

OUR PARENTS are equal partners in their children's education, working together towards high academic achievement. A school-wide structure of parent leadership and training ensures that parents can closely monitor and support student progress.

OUR TEACHERS are experienced, committed, and highly qualified. Our program focuses on meeting the diverse language needs of our students, to ensure academic success for all.

OUR SCHOOL CULTURE nurtures strong social and interpersonal skills so that our students can build the working relationships and friendships necessary for success.

What we offer:
- A calm, clean and safe learning environment
- Spanish Bilingual program
- Structured English immersion program
- After School Program with Bay Area Community Resources
- Music programs
- Playwords

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